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E-book Store, Internet Online books Publish Store, Welcome to the home of Readit Readit, Read Free On line Books USA, Read It – REaD It. 

Publish Online Ebooks Store, Self-Published and Un-Published Writers/Authors; offer your eBooks for rent, for sale, or for free for Readers everywhere to enjoy!  This Site is for you, to attract the Readers you want to reach most!

The About Us tab has some information you might enjoy reading.

Writers can learn more by clicking the Writers tab in the menu at the top of this page and by clicking this link: Writers Agreement. 

Readers can learn more by clicking the Readers tab in the menu at the top of this page and by clicking this link: Readers Agreement. 

To begin publishing your stories , books on Read It -REaD it, follow these 3 easy steps:

 1st Step...

First, click the Sign Up tab at the top of any page and fill out the short form with your basic information; name, email address, and then enter your Username and Password.  This creates an account to track your published manuscripts and sales.

After you Save this form you will then be on the Profile page.  

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 ...2nd Step...

The Profile page is where you will find your new Writer number (example: W00012015) as well as the Username and Email address you entered on the previous Sign Up page.  

Please fill out this form with such basic information as your Name, Address, and phone number.  

You can also supply some basic information about your interests and background so your Readers will know a little about you

a brief biography of sorts, like your education and how or when you started writing; what motivates you to write?  

This can be edited at any time from the My Account page.  After you Save this form it will reset and stay on your screen but now at the top in green it says "Information Added Successfully".  

...3rd Step

Now take a look at the Menu box on the left side of this screen and under 'Profile' you'll see the next item is the Agreement. This step is important so you understand the terms and conditions for you to Publish your stories on Read It - REaD It.  

At the bottom of the Agreement you are asked to electronically sign it, agreeing to the terms and conditions listed.

Menu Box

Start by selecting the 'Add New Book' tab and you're ready to publish your manuscript!  You will find options for 3 excerpts, instead of only 1, to help entice your Readers to choose your story.  You can also enter any existing star rating from other sites and an ISBN but neither of these are required.

Feel free to click on each Menu item to navigate thru the various tools and Site locations available to you as a Writer.  These tools will help you to manage your eBook manuscripts and other downloadable digital media.  

If you should have any suggestions or obversations, we would very much like to hear from you by clicking on this link: Drop Us a Note.